#OnThisDay - NAU Spotlight

Four years ago today, I walked across the stage at the (then) Rapid City Civic Center and received a Master's Degree in Management from National American University! After years of working a full-time job and taking online courses on nights and weekends, the day I received my diploma in 2018 is still one of my favorite days ever. 


This reminder popping up every year on this date, brings back all kinds of memories and reminds me how lucky I am to have been a student AND a Graphic Designer at NAU. I spent a couple years as a full-time Senior Graphic Designer and continued to design individual projects, like quarterly Alumni newsletters) for them through Kendra Cersosimo Creative. 

As a student and a designer, NAU's brand was always one that was easy to get on board with. Education is so important and NAU shows the difference it can make in its student's lives. From a graphic design standpoint, you can't ask for much more than to believe in the service or product you're designing for.

Over the years, I got to create countless academic fact sheets, graduation programs, social media graphics, and alumni newsletters. Being an alumni myself, has always made alumni newsletters all the more special to design. If I had to choose some other all-time favorite projects I've worked on for the company, I'd have to include billboards, mailers, and, of course, the video that was displayed on a 52-story building in Times Square.

It's been 4 years since I've moved the tassel and celebrated this accomplishment with my fellow classmates, but I'm forever grateful for my time spent attending National American University, as a student and a designer. Thank you, NAU!