Let's Photoshop It!

Two years ago, I was exploring Arches National Park in Moab, Utah. And while photos don’t do the red rock and breathtaking views justice, I still found myself leaving the trip with hundreds of photos, many of which included handfuls of strangers in the background. It’s times like these that I’ve found my experience in Photoshop to be a very handy tool. 


Check out this YouTube video to share a behind-the-scenes look at some Photoshop magic. 

And how about one more from Arches National Park... 

While I disagree with and stray away from distorting individuals' faces and bodies on magazine covers and spreads, I've also had several individuals ask for different Photoshop requests as well. In fact, I actually had to Photoshop a groom into a photo of the bride and her grandma for a memorable keepsake. In addition to that, I've been asked to remove a large tear and some stains from an old photograph that a gentleman scanned in and sent me of his departed mother in her younger years. It's projects like these that warm my heart knowing I'm helping to create and preserve items that people will cherish for their lifetime. 


Beyond personal uses, I’ve worked with many businesses that need "Photoshopping" done as well. For example, I've had to remove trademarked logos from clothing worn in photoshoots, so promotional materials wouldn't be infringing on copyrights. In addition,  I've created social media ads that add a pop of color to a grayscaled image with some work in Photoshop (shown below). 


These examples are only a few of the many different ways that the Photoshop software is an absolute must-have for my graphic design business... and sometimes for my own personal travel images as well. 


Does your business need design, social media, and the occasional Photoshop need? Send me an email at kendracersosimo@gmail.com.